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What Can Montanan Biotech, A Cannabis Marijuana Genetic Screening, Potency Analysis Laboratory Do for YOU?

Grow Buddy an at Home Cannabis Potency Test Kit

Contents for the 16/20 test kit:

4 TLC plates for 4/5 samples per plate
1 Container of coloring dye powder
1 Bottle of test fluid
1 Developing container/jar
20 Small plastic reaction tubes
1 Reaction tube rack
10 Capillary tubes
1 Capillary tube extraction bulb
1 Glass pipette assembly – 1 microliter
1 Spray bottle
1 Pair protective gloves
1 User’s manual

Each plate can analyze 5 samples. So, 4 T.L.C. Plates X 5 samples per plate; that means each sample cost JUST $5 for a laboratory certified qualitative analysis.

This is an industry first! Other kits exist in the market, but only Montana Biotech offers our clients superior service with laboratory grade results for both chemical and genetic analysis.

How it works:

Past clients will be receiving an email which will include an order’s Transaction ID Number. This will allow us to make this offer retroactive for all past clients. New clients will receive an order’s Transaction ID Number sticker for every slide sold in our Grow buddy kits, as well as from our resupply list.

Once you have developed your slide and the T.L.C. dye has dried revealing your unique cannabinoid profile, simply place the slide on a dark background, preferably black, making sure your order’s Transaction ID Number is clearly in frame and legible. You will take a digital photo of your slide and send it to Montanabiotech@gmail.com with the subject line of T.L.C Plate. Please only send photos in Jpeg format.

Within 24 hours you will receive your qualitative results via reply e-mail, or if we are unable to review your photo for any reason, you will at least be contacted via reply e-mail with further questions or instructions. As always for those seeking quantitative results we recommend you try a free 30 day trial of JustTLC Thin Layer Chromatography (T.L.C.) analytical software.

Plant DNA Collection Kit KNOW if your Plants are Male/Female

Plant DNA Collection Kit KNOW if your plant is a HERMAPHRODITE

Plant DNA Collection Kit Determine the UNIQUE genetic profile of your plant

Potency Analysis Testing Learn More!

Botanical Diagnostic Analysis can be used for:

-Perfecting the curing of botanical flowers.

-Switching to a new technique of growing. Soil vs hydro etc.

-Helping to determine harvest times for different varieties/cultivars / strains.

-Self analyzing botanical varieties/cultivars / strains for therapeutic effect.

-Analyzing botanical varieties/cultivars /strains for breeding or results from crosses.

Certification is for:

-Assuring a caregivers’ patient/s that they are providing a quality botanical product.

-Transfers to other caregivers. Assure them the medicine is of top quality.

-Releasing a new variety/cultivar strain to other caregivers.

-Patients to better determine the therapeutic effects of certified strains on THEIR condition.

-Helping to legitimize a controversial industry.

Grow Buddy an at Home Cannabis Potency Test Kit

Genetic Screening Learn More!

Montana Biotech is proud to introduce the Plant DNA Collection Kit™. This kit has many functions! The small time patient, to the large scale farmer can gain from this kit / service!

In today’s environment of high competition in the medical marijuana industry, a way to distinguish what you have from your competitors is essential! This kit can be used to create a unique genetic profile of your hybrid! This PCRgel electrophoresis based test can provide you a “picture” of YOUR plants genetic make-up!

Plant DNA Collection Kit KNOW if your Plants are Male/Female

Plant DNA Collection Kit KNOW if your plant is a HERMAPHRODITE

Plant DNA Collection Kit Determine the UNIQUE genetic profile of your plant

Ok, that ‘s not me. But he is so much cuter!!

Joseph Lacerenza

Owner/Lead Researcher of Montana Biotech.

Montana Biotech Home Page

Mr. Lacerenza graduated from R.C.C. (Rogue Community College) with an associates degree in June 2004 after working for 2 years in the physical sciences department at R.C.C. as a student laboratory technician.

Joe enrolled in the PSPP department of the college of agriculture in their bachelor of science degree in Plant Biotechnology at Montana State University in 2005. Joe was published twice as the first author in two peer reviewed publications, one in Cereal Chemistry, 2006, and the other in The Oxford Journal of Experimental Botany, 2010.

In 2007 he was awarded the Spirit of Ethanol Award from EPAC (Ethanol Producers And Consumers) for his research in biofuels. Joe worked as a student and research assistant for four years in the PSPP department of the college of agriculture, MSU.  His passion for plant biotechnology began when he started experimenting with marijuana cultivation.

Unfortunately, in the U.S. it was hard to discover the true scientific attributes to the plant he always yearned to learn about. For instance, a student could go to school today with the sole intent to go and work with peas, like Mendel once did, but not weed.

The Grow Buddy at home THC testing kit:

Introduction: Grow Buddy™ at Home THC, CBD, CBN, Thin Layer Chromatography, TLC , Test Kit

Plant DNA Collection Kit™  How does it Work?

Grow Buddy Instructional Video

Grow Buddy Replacement T.L.C. Supplies

Plant DNA Collection Kit

Montana Biotech Products and Services

Cannabis Documentaries Cannabinoid Facts Marijuana Peer Reviewed Research Links

Grow Buddy Thin Layer Chromatography Home Kit Test Medical Cannabis for THC CBD CBN or Other Novel Cannabinoids JustTLC Analysis Software UPGRADE

BREAK THROUGH Hermaphrodite Test for Your Cannabis Plants

30 Day FREE trial of JustTLC Software by Sweday

Samples ready for analysis

Donate to Cannabis Research at Montana Biotech

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