Medical Marijuana Caregiver, Providers Page

Finding a Caregiver / Provider has just gotten easier!!!

Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

!!!Montana Biotech is NOW ACCEPTING PATIENTS!!!

If you have a qualifying medical condition, but cant afford the cost of MMJ registration, we may be able to help.

Wholesale prices are available for all of our products including a 90 day buy back guarantee. Please  feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions.

Cell: 406-600-6871

Finding a high quality caregiver can be a drag!! Medical Marijuana Caregiver, Providers Page is here to help. Rate YOUR caregiver experience. Rate YOUR experience with their cannabis, medibles edibles, medical marijuana, pot, weed, hash keif, or isolates.

Find a caregiver ready to suit YOUR needs as a patient. Find a caregiver with the varieties / strains YOU know, like, and trust.

Get directions, find hours, find doctor clinics, find up coming MMJ events. Find what you need to be an informed patient / caregiver / dispensary, or store. Click on the caregiver / dispensary tab bellow and follow the links to find a caregiver / provider near YOU carrying that variety /strain YOU are looking for.

Find Medical Marijuana Caregivers in:

Alaska |Arizona |California | Colorado | District of Columbia | Hawaii |Maine |Maryland |Michigan |Montana | Nevada | New Jersey | New Mexico |Oregon | Rhode Island | Vermont | Washington

Medical Marijuana Caregivers / Providers:

Big Sky Patient Care:

Bozeman Branch
81770 Gallatin Rd — located in Four Corners, next to the Kountry Korner Kafe

Bozeman, MT 59715

Call: (406) 586-0842

Dillon Branch
21 S. Idaho St — in the Turrett downtown
Dillon, MT 59725
Call: (406) 683-3620

Big Sky Branch
11 Lone Peak Dr — above the Grizzly Outfitters in the Town Center
Big Sky, MT 59716

Call: (406)995-4353

7AM to 7PM 7 days a week.

E Mail:

Grow Tek of Montana

Location: Bozeman, MT

Call: (406) 451-2359

Healing Consultants, Inc

Belgrade, MT

Honest John’s Farmacy

Location: 412 West Main St., Suite C-3 Belgrade, MT

Call: (406) 388-BUDS (2873)


E Mail:

MT Kush

Location: Montana

Call: (406) 586- 8555

Sweet Leaf L.L.C.

Location: Montana


Medical Marijuana Caregiver, Providers Page

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Peer Reviewed Research

MMJ Clinics / Doctors Recommendations

MMJ Dispensaries/Caregivers: Find Them Here

MMJ Strains / Varieties: Find Them Here Potency Tested

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Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

Grow Buddy Thin Layer Chromatography THC, CBD test kit

Grow Buddy Instructional Video

Grow Buddy Replacement T.L.C. Supplies

Plant DNA Collection Kit

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Cannabinoid Facts

Specialist Want Regulations / Oversight of Medical Marijuana Analysis Labs, Montana Biotech Embraces Open Dialog

Cannalytics™ Cannabinoid Fingerprinting Test by Alpha Nova vs Grow Buddy™ at Home THC, CBD, CBN Test Kit by Montana Biotech Comparing Two Competing Thin Layer Chromatography T.L.C Methods

QUALTITATIVE vs. QAUNTITATIVE Analysis of Cannabis THC, CBD, CBN Cannabinoid Levels

Ed Rosenthal and the Party-Party’s Platform for America 2012!

A Little Ed History and Education! Wiki Style!

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