Medical Marijuana Events in Montana

Helena, Montana Repeal of Medical Marijuana Senate Committee Hearing March 11, 2001:

Next Friday, the 11th, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on HB 161, the callous effort to erase medical marijuana from the law books of Montana. Montana NORML and a statewide coalition of cannabis reform organizations are doing everything we can to get as many people to the hearing as we can. Now is the time to put aside the hectic tasks of your regular daily schedule and SHOW UP.

We are asking professional growers/caregivers to consider Friday the 11th a “holiday”: gather 20 patients and get thee to Helena. If you’re already in Helena, you have no excuse not to be there:

WHEN: March 11, 2011, 8:00am
WHAT: Senate hearing on medical marijuana repeal
WHO: You, in your Sunday best, polite and respectful.
WHY: Because your health, or your livelihood, or your principled philosophy, depends on keeping cannabis legal.

Don’t have a ride? No problem. Our friends at MRL are coordinating FREE buses from all over. Check out this page on Facebook for info on buses. Make a call, find a ride, make it happen.

It’s important to show up because every person who shows up represents a hundred other people who didn’t bother. Be a leader!

It’s important to show up because while the repeal bill passed the Montana House easily, more “sober” minds rule the Senate, and when they see a massive outpouring of support for medical marijuana represented in our amassed crowd, they should acknowledge the political reality that legal cannabis is here to stay, and reject repeal in favor of thoughtful regulation.

Can’t make it? Is it just impossible? Then here are some other ways you can contact the committee and let them know that repeal of medical marijuana would be a disaster, politically, logistically, all around.

In a rush? Okay, here’s a quick and easy e-mail form. Let them know to “fix it, don’t nix it”. Just be sure to add your personal story so it doesn’t seem like too much of a form letter.

By the way – we could use your help in the form of donations. And, later this spring we’d like to recruit some additional board members.  Want to help lead Montana NORML? Email me.

Finally — we have a had a longstanding policy of sending a “goody pack” to any Montana resident who gets a pro-cannabis letter to the editor published.  I hope you’ll all consider writing one in the next 10 days. The time is right, and there’s a goody pack with your name on it! Just send us a link to your published letter.


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