Blue Widow Medical Marijuana Strain Potency Tested

Blue Widow
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Blue Widow Medical Marijuana Strain

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Description provided by: Cannabis MJ Seeds

Blueberry (female from British Columbia) x White Widow (Aloha male)

APPEARANCE: Very short plant -up to 80 cm- with short to medium internodes, no central stalk but rather many stems forming a bush almost as wide as tall. Fat indica dark green leaves turn more slender when flowering. Very consistent -height, nodes and density are all very uniform.

BUDS: Budding is slow at first, then it explodes with orange hairs forming thick, rock-solid clusters covered in abundant shiny glands, all possessing an unmistakable blue hue to the tops. Good side branching will form dense solid buds with much resin everywhere in-between small thick leaves.

TASTE / SMELL: Smelling like a strong house cleaner that tingles the nose, it is extremely tasty, with a sweet hashy berry flavor that explodes in the lungs.

HIGH: Blue Widow Medical Marijuana Strain has a very strong, nice up, clear high -exhilarating, floaty, very visual buzz. It is more powerful, and has a much better high than either blueberry or white widow, but is not very heavy.

YIELD: Blue Widow Medical Marijuana Strain yields are high, being an easy to grow plant. Budding is slow at first, but then explodes with thick solid clusters with orange hairs and a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio. The AK-47 is a good yielding plant indoors but the Blue Widow will out yield it (NCGA).

Top 3 NCGA´s strains in potency according to Marcel (NCGA assistant): Blue Widow (hands down the best so far); G13 crosses; any NC5 series cross. NCGA

Here is a great tip for you people just starting out. Don’t get caught in the hype about how great Sensi, Serious, Sagarmatha and Greenhouse are. They are very good but they are just very good commercial pot. The strains have been around in some form or other for 5 to 10 years and lots of them have lost their original zip. However, some of the new ones by NCGA tip the scales at excellent.

This Fl hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow has been created to give flavor, taste and color. The intense sweet and sour taste of White Widow and the forest berry aroma of Blueberry, when mixed, create a blend of fruity sweets that smells like chewing gum. Due to its Blueberry heritage, in low outdoor temperatures this plant displays autumnal colors, turning from blue to purple and even reddish colors when the temperature drops even further. It also grows somewhat taller than pure White Widow, displaying larger intermodal distance as well.

Outdoors Blue Widow Medical Marijuana Strain can reach 3m tall which, along with good dry weight production, the precocity of the blue mother and the resin production and sedative power of the White Widow father, guarantees high production. It is a good producer of purple buds totally coated with trichomes, with a fruit chewing gum taste and a nice strength. It shows good mould resistance but particular care is recommended during the last two weeks of flowering, because the size of the buds increases significantly which can lead to the appearance of mould. It survives well when grown in a continental or Mediterranean climate, where it can develop all its aromatic potential.

Flowering period: 50-55 days
Harvest outdoors: Until 10th October
THC: High (12%-16%)
CBD: Medium

Blend: IndicaSativa, with Indica dominance
Genotype: Blueberry x White Widow

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