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I have entered into some discussions regarding THC vs THCA analysis for potency testing standards for reporting cannabinoid levels found in medical marijuana. For the next few weeks Montana Biotech will be posting PEER reviewed papers outlining the differing methods for analyzing the cannabinoid contents in cannabis marijuana.

Accuracy, accuracy this is the mantra of a scientist!! We need this accuracy to create valid lines of data to uphold our hypothesis. Current research regarding cannabis and exogenous cannabinoids has been conducted by MANY different labs in MANY different countries!! There has been little if any collaboration on methods for testing cannabinoid contents of cannabis marijuana, hemp.

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Gas v. Liquid Chromatography

Gas chromatography and liquid chromatography differ in one way that is important to the analysis of cannabinoids. Gas chromatography uses heat and liquid chromatography does not. Heat allows the sample of marijuana to go through a chemical process called decarboxylation, which is a necessary step to determine the exact amount of CBD and THC that can be absorbed into the body. The body will not absorb marijuana that has not been decarboxylated, which is why prior to a patients use marijuana is always exposed to heat. Marijuana is decarboxylated either through smoking, vaporizing, or cooking butter.

Analyzing medical marijuana without decarboxylation, like through liquid chromatography, allows only for the measurement of the maximum THC and CBD possible in a sample. This produces high numbers that are not useful to patients because they will need to decarboxylze marijuana in order to feel its effects.

This is why Gas Chromatography has been the method of choice for the quantification of cannabinoids by both the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

In the end, the choice is YOURS as to who you feel good working with, who can give you the most bang for your buck?! Montana Biotech uses the same methodology as the labs that would be prosecuting you. Montana Biotech will be able to stand with a Hemp farmer in a court of law and state that their cannabis IS hemp! Those labs on the prosecutions side cares not if you have THCA, it is total percent per volume THC that is federally regulated as a schedule 1 narcotic, hemp and hemp product are excluded. The other cannabinoids are not federally regulated when present in volumes higher or lower than the allowable .03% THC/ volume.

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Botanical Testing Services:

Montana BioTech currently offers two types of testing.

Botanical Diagnostic Analysis:

This service is intended for both the caregiver and patient. Montana BioTech collects sample/s from the caregiver or patient of 500mg or ½ gram. We then isolate the resin and put it through a rigorous lab testing process. We then analyze the data and return to the caregiver or patient a document outlining a percent per volume amount of the botanical cannabinoids THC, CBD, CBN, as well as percent of assayable botanical cannabinoids. This lab test is only representative of the sample volume and is not a certification. 50% deposit is due when the sample/s are submitted. Test results are confidential and are released at the caregivers or patients discretion.

Botanical Diagnostic Analysis can be used for:

-Perfecting the curing of botanical flowers.

-Switching to a new technique of growing. Soil vs hydro etc.

-Helping to determine harvest times for different varieties/cultivars / strains.

-Self analyzing botanical varieties/cultivars / strains for therapeutic effect.

Analyzing botanical varieties/cultivars /strains for breeding or results from crosses.


This service is intended for the breeder. Any person developing a unique variety/cultivar / strain and wanting to release it should get some kind of documentation certifying their cross. Caregivers can use this service to certify their medicine as quality. This is a methods based test, and is conducted by Montana BioTech technicians. We collect a representative sample of the volume to be certified (~ 1g/ .25 pound), isolate the resin and put the sample through a rigorous lab testing process. We analyze the data and prepare a results sheet. Montana BioTech will then issue a certificate to the caregiver or patient certifying the specified volume at the analyzed THC, CBD, CBN content / levels. 20% is due when collection has taken place. Test results are confidential and are released at the caregivers or patients discretion.

Certification is for:

-Assuring a caregivers’ patient/s that they are providing a quality botanical product.

-Transfers to other caregivers. Assure them the medicine is of top quality.

-Releasing a new variety/cultivar / strain to other caregivers.

-Patients to better determine the therapeutic effects of certified strains on THEIR condition.

-Helping to legitimize a controversial industry.

PRICES START at $59.99

Bulk Testing Rates are Available!

Hash Oil, Whole Plant Cannabinoid Isolates:

Montana Biotech offers whole plant isolates recovery, or better known as, hash oil. Montana Biotech has customized a system for the recovery of whole plant isolates and can now offer it at a reasonable price to the medical marijuana industry.

Montana Biotech can collect plant material that is less than perfect and create a high end product that is easy to manipulate into other delivery methods / products. For instance, take the whole plant isolates, hash oil, and add them to a tincture, butter, oil, glycerin, alcohol, any substance you wish to use as your cannabinoid delivery system.

PRICES  START at $100 per 112 grams or 4oz. of dried plant matter to be isolated.

Bulk Isolation Rates are Available!

Botanical Genetic Analysis:

Montana Biotech specializes in cannabis potency lab testing. Botanical Genetic profiling is now offered to help with the identifying and categorizing of new varieties / cultivars / strains for the medical cannabis industry. Montana Biotech can genetically screen cannabis for male or females 1-2 weeks after germination! Montana Biotech can also certify seed as feminized. Cannabis varieties / cultivars / strains will be added to our data base and made public as soon as samples are scrutinized and released by the grower. Montana Biotech is willing to help patients and caregivers achieve the best results from their medicine.

PRICES START at $49.99 per screening.

Bulk Genetic Screening Rates are Available!

Call Montana Biotech (406) 600-6871 today for Availability.

Montana Biotech is Mobile! We can come to YOU! (A deposit is required)

Montana Biotech Offers Mobile THC Testing, as well as, on-site Whole Plant Isolates Recovery

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