Specialist Want Regulations / Oversight of Medical Marijuana Analysis Labs, Montana Biotech Embraces Open Dialog

Why do we need to standardize methods for purity and potency analysis in the medical marijuana research industry?

Is there a method that the DEA is not aware of, or is “better” than theirs? Because, if that is the case, Alliance for Cannabis Science needs to go and teach the Feds a thing or two! Until then, Montana Biotech will adhere to the same testing / analysis standards as the UNODC, NIDA, FDA, FBI, DEA, and the U.S. Federal Government!

Talking down to or bad mouthing other labs is no way to distinguish your self from the rest. Stand out, create something NEW. Be innovative, and be nimble!! DO SOMETHING different! Montana Biotech overlaps with many of these analysis labs, but we also strive to offer unique services and tools to the medical marijuana industry, as a whole, than any other lab offers!

All this discussion will be null and void if cannabis is rescheduled… No person / individual will be able to grow / manufacture their own medicine. We, the patients, have been arguing from a position of the affirmative. All we had to do was show that there WAS a MEDICINAL use for cannabis. We proved it safer than aspirin, and less addictive than caffeine! Yet, if we continue down this path it could lead to ruin.

My understanding, before $$$$$ entered into the equation,  Medical Marijuana was about people treating themselves!!! No government, no pharma, NOBODY between me and my medicine!!

Here are some quotes from:  http://www.cannabisnews.org/

Weed Science: Experts Urge Independent Auditing and Oversight of Medical-Cannabis-Testing Labs

“…California’s three-year dalliance with medical-cannabis laboratories hit a new milestone last month as the public began calling for a better system for testing prescription pot. …”

Tell me California, do you remember being in “three years of dalliance”? I thought people were taking this deadly serious!

“…One problem with standardizing labs is that the Drug Enforcement Administration only permits a handful of marijuana researchers in the country, and two medical cannabis labs who applied for a DEA permit in Colorado were raided in 2010. …”

That is a HUGE hurdle!!! Not to mention, a DEA 225 excludes you from working with the medical marijuana industry.

DEA 225: http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drugreg/reg_apps/index.html

So, let us keep medical marijuana where it should be, with the patients! I am a patient 1st, a caregiver 2nd. I come from the position of, “This is my medicine, keep you hands off it!”

“…Dutch phytochemist Arno Hazekamp, head of research and development for the Netherlands’ sole government-sanctioned plant cannabis producer, Bedrocan…”

In the Dutch system of medical marijuana, patients are NOT allowed to produce their OWN medicine!! Just a little bit of a different bend on medical cannabis than here in the United States. Tell producers of medical marijuana there is only ONE way to grow weed and you find out what happens!!!!

“… Since the advent of quantifiable pot potency, marijuana strains with the highest amount of THC, expressed as a percentage of dried plant matter, often become the best sellers at dispensaries.  As a result, there’s pressure for labs to post higher THC potency results; some say club owners shop around various labs until they get desired THC percentages.  THC content can vary from zero to about 25 percent.  “I have seen numbers up to 38 percent,” said Hazekamp.  “My reaction is: ‘That’s wrong.’”…”

Here is an example of two different testing laboratory results analyzing cannabis for potency located in Bozeman Montana.

Montana Botanical Analysis
Montana Biotech

Alliance for Cannabis Science is advocating for a standardizing of methods. There appears to be plenty of PEER REVIEWED methods for testing the potency of cannabis. It seem like they,  Alliance for Cannabis Science, want to be” THE AUTHORITY”. The DEA is an AUTHORITY in most of the world!! You will be reminded of their AUTHORITY if you meet them in court. In the end, if there are problems with current testing methods, why is this the first I have heard about it? If a single method is needed why not the same one as the DEA, or the UNODC, NIDA?

From TLC to GC/MS, there are peer reviewed methods for each. Do they, Alliance for Cannabis Science, want to look under the hood of my car to see why mine is faster, or do they want to just make sure there is an internal combustion engine and not an Apache attach helicopter turbine.  All labs disclose “their” testing method, and equipment used in the analysis processPurity testing is a WHOLE other can of worms from potency analysis… Montana Biotech does not currently offer this service do to our perception of liability risk.

Montana Botanical Analysis
Montana Biotech

!!!Montana Biotech is NOW ACCEPTING PATIENTS!!!

If you have a qualifying medical condition, but cant afford the cost of MMJ registration, we may be able to help.

Wholesale prices are available for all of our products including a 90 day buy back guarantee. Please  feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions.

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Specialist Want Regulations / Oversight of Medical Marijuana Analysis Labs, Montana Biotech Embraces Open Dialog

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One thought on “Specialist Want Regulations / Oversight of Medical Marijuana Analysis Labs, Montana Biotech Embraces Open Dialog

  1. I, in no way, sell Grow Buddy as a quantitative test, Alpha Nova does, it is a qualitative test. To sell T.L.C. as anything other than qualitative is a LIE! I would not include a THC “chart” because it is inaccurate and of no value without an internal control. Do you know what this is, an internal control? Because, you seem to be missing a fundamental difference between the advertised uses of these two T.L.C method cannabinoid test kits!!!

    AlphaNova’s claim, to be able to give a percent per volume THC value using T.L.C., is a lie!

    Montana Biotech’s claim, is to be able to qualitatively compare cannabinoid finger prints using T.L.C., is backed by the NIDA and the UNODC.



    You sir, or madam you are wasting my time with just a plain lack of knowledge, and observational skills!

    Enough said,

    Joe, MBT

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