Bozeman Brewing Company, BEST local Brewery, OR “THE BEST” Local Brewery?!

I went for a drink at one of Bozeman‘s local watering holes. I had been referred many times in the years I’ve lived here in Montana, but never went. I am a hops head, LOVE HOPS!!! They are GOD’s given goodness that makes the tastebuds EXPLODE!! Well, I was in search of this Hoppy goodness I so desperately desire. I am riding my Schwinn Windwood Cruiser, name dropped, yes, down N. Broadway Ave heading north, when I spot a group of Bozeman‘s hip crowd. They were amassing at this pud, and I just hoped I could find the HOPS I was in the search for.

I have been drinking the Bridge Port’s  Hop Czar, OH MY GOD!!! The hops essence is the front and center sense assaultingly, electric jolt in the jaw, I NEED!! AHHH!!! I have an other! But I digress, this is not about the Bridge Port’s Hop Czar, it is in fact about this new local place I get to think I found ALL on my own… I walk in, look about at the faces… There were a lot of mustaches, must be preparation for Mustache May, and pretty women! I see a familiar face, Thomas. He instructs me to sit, I do, how could I refuse Thom!!

“Well, what is the hoppiest one here?”

He suggested the Hopzone, it was in fact what he was drinking. “As a matter of fact…”, he tells me, “…my first pint is  practically poured for me as I enter the door.” Shit, if it is  good enough for Thom, I though, why not. So I get my FREE taster, I stick my nose in. Flowers explode! I slurp, the electric fireworks ignite! Holly Shit!!! I thought I had tried “Goodbeer,

Bridge Port’s-India Pale Ale

Red Lodge Ales-Bent Nail India Pale Ale

Deschutes Brewery’s-Mirror Pond

Pyramid Breweries-ThunderHead India Pale Al

RedHook Ale Breweries’-Long Hammer

Grand Teton’s-Pursuit of Hoppieness Imperial Red Ale

,you get the just, I am kind of a hop drinker. BEER is the BEST, BUT I.P.A.  was designed with God’s inspiration for God’s tounge!!!

But, WOW!!! The Bozeman Brewing Company‘s Hopzone is a new staple. Have you ever heard,

“… Beer has food value, but food has no beer value…”

The service was the BEST!
Friendly People!

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