Ed Rosenthal, Joseph Lacerenza Owner/Lead Researcher Montana Biotech at the Garden City Cannabis Expo

So, I had been blogging for a little there about wanting to meet Ed Rosenthal!!! Well, all seemed primed for an outragouse meeting. I had the mobile lab ready, and was gearing up to debut the Grow Buddy™  an at Home Cannabinoid Profiling Kit and the Plant DNA Collection Kit™. The Thursday and Friday before the Expo, saw a significant amount of snow in the Gallatin valley. My associate and I decided I should take the Greyhound…. That trip is a whole other story. The mobile lab was not going to be there in Missoula, but I did still have the Grow Buddy™ and the Plant DNA Collection Kit™.

So I show up to the Garden City Cannabis Expo Saturday morning, and set up. All was going as expected, I talked to Casidy of Growing Green on Mcat.org Channel 7 Fridays 5:30Pm-6:30PM. Rose Habib of Cannabanalysis stopped by for a talk. A group had gathered to hear about the Grow Buddy™ and how it can be used in many different ways to gain a better understanding of what is in your cannabis at home. I am doing my pitch as Ed approached. He listened politely and left.

I chose the first winner of a Grow Buddy™ at the expo, Michael Parrott, cleaned-up and left for the night, Sunday would be a new day. It was a new day, indeed!!! The day started as usual people stopping by asking questions, yah know the usual. Sen. David Wanzenreid, D-Missoula came to address the Expo. All was good… I had people come by the exhibit. Then, as if Moses parted the Red sea himself, Ed crosses the room and makes directly fro my exhibit. There was no one at my both this time, no buffer, no retreat. This was it, this was ME meeting ED Rosenthal!

He grabbed a Grow Buddy™ and asked, “How much?” I look Ed in the eye and said to him, “I know who you are…”, “I can’t SELL this to you, your Ed Rosenthal“. He says, “How much?” I say, “It would be the first one I have sold, $50…” “Great!”, he says and hands me a 50 dollar bill and walks away!!! I was beside myself. I kind of felt I blew it!! I felt like Ed just may have thought I was a joke!!!

Wayne of King Medicine, he had a booth near mine, says, “Did you get a picture with him…?” “He is kind of a legend, when’s the next time you’ll get to meet him?” That is how the picture was taken. There is some history behind Ed and Joe! Oh, yah, the second winner of a Grow Buddy™ was Sam Sisk, but I know you don’t care because you did not win!!!

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