SB423 Opposition Rallies, Protests, Marches, Gatherings, Assembly UPDATES: Lawsuits status May 10, 2011


!!UPDATE STOP SB423, Medical Marijuana Repeal in Disguise, Referendum, Injunction, Petition Signature Collection, Gathering Drive, June 20th- 21st UPDATE!!

UPDATE! June 10,2011 UPDATE: STOP, Repeal of the Montana Medical Marijuana Act SB423 Petition / Signature Drive June 10, 2011 UPDATE

May 14, 2011: News UPDATE for SB423 Rallies, Protests, Advertising and SB423 becoming LAW!!!

UPDATE from:

 What we are doing…

Our Defense is not a secret, and our legislature has been educated on what we are able to do to combat this REPEAL in DISGUISE…they are counting on the divisions within our community, because they know that if we would work together, we could defeat them.

We have a four stage missile that we have launched, and every person in this country can help at each stage. The efforts include:

  • Attempting to get the Governor to VETO SB423 & trying to convince those legislators who don’t want medical marijuana, to change their minds.

  • Court action against the State of Montana, including an injunction that halts SB423, keeping the existing laws in place.

  • Petitions and signature drives, all over Montana, that will effectively IMMEDIATELY repeal the SB423 once it does become law.

  • Writing our own initiative that will provide Montanans with the available access to the medicine we need.

UPDATE May 11, 2011: Events Around Montana to FIGHT SB432!

Rәvolution… Wed, May 11th, 4pm

Missoula MMGA Meeting… Wed, May 11th, 6:30pm

Free Event Filled with Information about SB423…  Fri, May 13th, 4pm

Montana Medical Marijuana Backers… Fri, May 13th, 4:20pm

UPDATE May 10, 2011: Montana NORML

Another short update after a long day:

We — all of you — came through for the MTCIA’s initial fundraising
goal, $50,000 to hire superstar attorney James Goetz. In 4 days!

This was phase one, a test to show that we could come together, unify
behind a common goal, and get something big done. We did it!

More here:

MTCIA ( will need your ongoing donations to complete
the lawsuit, assist the signature gathering campaign, and more. Stay tuned.

By the way, MTCIA has a new mailing address:

Montana Cannabis Industry Association
PO Box 9085
Missoula, MT 59807

Thanks to all who came out to the Global Marijuana March in Missoula
over the weekend. Video of the kickoff here:


From various folks out in the world:

Wednesday, May 11, in Helena:
“May 11 from 4pm to 7pm we are going to protest (peacefully) on the lawn
and ask the govenor to veto SB423 this is our last chance before it goes
into law !”

Friday, May 13th, Bozeman:
“Prescription drug companies are threatened by the medical marijuana
industry so are funding some of our politicians to essentially bribe
them into rejecting medical marijuana laws, all in an effort to keep
their excessive profits.”

Friday, May 13th, Missoula:
Come out for this FREE event filled with information with regards to
SB-423 – Legal Action – Referendum. First hour is set aside for
networking with each other (NOW is the time to get to know & work with
each other). Guest Speakers to include Senator Dave Wanzenried &
introduction of the MCIA (Montana Cannabis Industry Assn.) board.
For vendor spot information, contact Ed Docter or visit asap!

Thanks for all each of you do to help.

John Masterson
Montana NORML – Working to reform marijuana laws in Montana since 1998.
Get Legislative Action Alerts:

Montana NORML could not exist without your support. Join us today:

Hello Friends and Fellow Medical Marijuana Supporters!

We are holding a public assembly this Friday, the 13th, to draw attention to the 300 people who die annually in Montana from prescription drug overdoses, most of them children.

Prescription drug companies are threatened by the medical marijuana industry so are funding some of our politicians to essentially bribe them into rejecting medical marijuana laws, all in an effort to keep their excessive profits.

We are asking everyone to please come to the assembly and bring as many friends as you can. If you are able to, we would like people to bring coffins to provide a visual for the people dying from these dangerous drugs. Most deaths related to prescription drugs are kids 18 and under so a variety of sizes will really show that. Coffins can be made out of any materials that you have. Here is a website for simple coffin building:

If you cannot attend, please donate whatever you can. We will have horse drawn carriages to pull the coffins and will need any donations to help fund those.

We will start in the KO’s parking lot (map direction link below) at 10 am and continue down Main Street in a progression of people, horse- drawn carriages and coffins. We will then assemble in the lawn of the Courthouse, with the coffins, and will have informative speakers. This will be a peaceful and quiet protest.

Please join us!

We would really appreciate a R.S.V.P. so that we can prepare for the turnout.

Hope to see you all there!

Also, we encourage all of you to check out this website: Please make any donation that you can to support the fight against SB 423. Get Involved!!

KO’s Directions:

Donate to Cannabis Research at Montana Biotech

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