UPDATE: Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) Medical Marijuana Act Senate Bill 423: From the Horses Mouth!

UPDATE! June 10,2011 UPDATE: STOP, Repeal of the Montana Medical Marijuana Act SB423 Petition / Signature Drive June 10, 2011 UPDATE

Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) Medical Marijuana Act UPDATE: From the Horses Mouth!

Here is what I received in the mail today explaining the current situation in the Medical Marijuana program here in Montana

Department of Health and Human Services (Front)

Department of Health and Human Services (Back)

Well, I think that is clear as mud!!

We have a chance to show our elected officials we KNEW exactly what WE voted for in the Medical Marijuana Act!

1.) It was purposefully wrote so a patient or caregiver did not have to INCRIMINATE there landlord, or owner of the rental property. The new medical marijuana act, SB423, would make an owner / landlord self incriminate by admitting knowledge that a controlled substance is being manufactured and distributed from their property.

2.) Time was taken to make sure that patients were to have “uninterrupted access to…” medical marijuana! We, as both patients and caregivers, were aloud to “acquire” the medication. These were all was ti insure patient access to cannabis, and the ability of the caregiver /provider to be compensated for their time, energy, knowledge, and compassion.

3.) It was recognized at the drafting of the medical marijuana act of 2004, that Montana would be an island, a refuge for cannabis patients in a sea of prohibition. Each of the states that currently border Montana have NO medical marijuana act. There is NO way for a patient to get their medication into Montana, legally. So, the forward seeing visionaries drafted a law that aloud Montanans to HELP patients from other MMJ states come here, find the comfort they need, and enjoy Montana for its greatness.  Not  to mention, there is a large retired population that does not just stay in Montana 12 months a year.

Stay informed! Be ready to HELP collect signatures and donations!


Montana NORML

Montana NORML’s Blog

Montana Cannabis Industry Association

Montana Medical Grows Association

Donate to Cannabis Research at Montana Biotech

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