UPDATE: May 14, 2011, Protests, Advertising, Wanzenried for Governor 2012! Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA), and STOPPING SB423 a Medical Marijuana Destroying Bill


UPDATE! June 10,2011 UPDATE: STOP, Repeal of the Montana Medical Marijuana Act SB423 Petition / Signature Drive June 10, 2011 UPDATEA lot happened in the past week with regards to medical marijuana in Montana! A lot to be great full for and a lot to be pissed about, but that is the game of politics these days. Here is a breakdown / update on where we sit this Saturday after SB423 became law, kinda!

1.) We, MTCIA, got a lawyer!!! A $50,000, big city lawyer, Jim Goetz!! Great job to all those who help to raise the funds the medical marijuana community needed. Let us keep this momentum going!

2.) The Advertising ban was to go into effect on May 13, 2011, but do to the legal wrangling of attorneyJim Goetz, it was halted! We are still aloud to sell, advertise, other wise operate as usual until further notice! You are fucking great attorneyJim Goetz!! Keep it up!!!

3.) Rallies, Protests, Gatherings!!! Can I say more, YES I CAN!! Stone House Gardens threw a party for the ages! Their protest down Main Street, Bozeman, FUCKING genius!!! All I heard was, “Did you see all those coffins?”, “Did you see all the people?” Great imagery, perfectly on message! MTCIA threw a bash I wish I could have made it to in Missoula! Governor hopeful Democratic Senator from Missoula, David Wanzenried came out to voice support for the medical marijuana community. Go Wanzenried! Vote Wanzenried for Governor 2012!! I SURE AS HELL AM!!! I KNOW OTHER WHO ARE AS WELL!!

Voice YOUR support for WANZENRIED for GOVERNOR 2012! Donate to his campaign!

4.) The petition drive has begun!! Again, thanks to MTCIA, they have moved us one step closer to STOPPING SB423 from destroying our cannabis industry here in Montana!

*Get registered to VOTE! Make sure you are registered where you live if you have moved recently!

*Register ANY ONE who is not, even if you register what you think is an opponent!

*SIGN EVERY petition that comes in front of you that supports OUR cause, medical marijuana!

*Get AT LEAST ONE person to sign a petition! Carry a copy with you at all times!

YOU are now the foot solders in YOUR fight for YOUR RIGHTS!! NO GUNS, NO BOMBS, just your feet, hands, and voice!! Represent US well! Represent YOURSELF with respect and dignity! We, YOU, disserve NO less.

5.) VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  YOU need to support those politicians that support YOU! VOTE out those who oppose YOU!! That simple, do not let them forget!! I sure as HELL have not!


Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA)

Stone House Gardens

Vote Wanzenried Governor 2012!

Donate to Cannabis Research at Montana Biotech

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