Wanzenried for Governor 2012! Wanz will be in Butte, Montana June 18th, 2011 STOP SB 423 Fundraiser, Silver Bow Cannabis Coalition

Wanzenried for Governor 2012!

Wanz will be in Butte, Montana June 18th, 2011 2-3PM Fundraiser, Silver Bow Cannabis Coalition

Jeremy Allen
Silver Bow Cannabis Coalition http://www.facebook.com/pages/Silver-Bow-Cannabis-Coalition/229601007053683

David Wanzenried ( Wanz 2012 ) is to have a fundraiser in Butte, Montana, hosted by Jeremy Allen of Silver Bow Cannabis Coalition. Help Wanzenried’s governors  bid,  go and show your support! The fundraiser is to help with the STOP SB423 Repeal in disguise effort!

Or, Donate Here!

Wanz 2012 Campaign Links:

Wanz on the Web-


Wanz on Montana Biotech-


Voting Record-


Wanz on What Matters-



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