UPDATE Montana Senate Bill 423 Medical Marijuana Advertising Ban STOPPED by Helena Judge Friday, June 3


UPDATE Judge’s Ruling on SB-423 Injunction June 30, 2011 PDF UPDATE


!!UPDATE STOP SB423, Medical Marijuana Repeal in Disguise, Referendum, Injunction, Petition Signature Collection, Gathering Drive, June 20th- 21st UPDATE!!


UPDATE Montana Senate Bill 423 Medical marijuana Advertising Ban STOPPED by Helena Judge Friday, June 3

MTCIA, via our bitchen law team, has WON another victory for us in the court room! Helena state district judge, James Reynolds, found in favor of the plaintiffs/clients and MTCIA‘s first of two motions in front of him. The eight clients/ plaintiffs and MTCIA’s Bozeman lawyers, James Goetz, J. Devlan Geddes, and Jim Barr Coleman, are moving forward two motions to curtail the debacle Senate Bill 423 represents! The first, motion was heard May 27 regarding the advertising ban. A temporary stay was put in place until Fridays’ proceedings. The second motion put forth was to see that the repeal in disguise is STOPPED in it’s tracts, and put to OUR VOTE AGAIN in 2012!!

We hope to hear more great things from this KICK-ASS TEAM!!!!

The three attorneys argued in a separate motion to STOP SB423 in it’s tracts the lawyers proposed SB423 violates the eight clients/plaintiffs’ constitutional rights, their privacy, freedom of speech,  dignity, rights to equal protection and due process. They go on to argue their clients right against unreasonable searches and seizures is also violated.

Montana will over come this latest bought of REEFER MADNESS with some good old HEMP for VICTORY!!

Read MORE from the Missoulian: http://missoulian.com/news/local/article_01a3b372-7dc1-11e0-83ad-001cc4c03286.html

One thought on “UPDATE Montana Senate Bill 423 Medical Marijuana Advertising Ban STOPPED by Helena Judge Friday, June 3

  1. Just about every aspect of 423 is unConstitutional and with the fine legal minds working on this I am sure this will be forestalled or thrown out completely. Even the Voters aren’t allowed to pass unconstitutional law. Had Essmen and friends been submitting this monstrosity through the Initiative process to become law it would have been sent back to his office over and over till it passed Constitutional muster; why they don’t take the time to do this I don’t understand. Or maybe I do.

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