!!UPDATE STOP SB423, Medical Marijuana Repeal in Disguise, Referendum, Injunction, Petition Signature Collection, Gathering Drive, June 20th- 21st UPDATE!!


UPDATE Judge’s Ruling on SB-423 Injunction June 30, 2011 PDF UPDATE

!!UPDATE STOP SB423, Medical Marijuana Repeal in Disguise, Referendum, Injunction, Petition Signature Collection, Gathering Drive, June 20th- 21st UPDATE!!

Dear Friends and Members of the Montana Medical Growers Association,

As hopefully you are aware the 2011 Montana Legislature has passed a law that repeals the current Montana Medical Marijuana Act. The MMGA is supporting the effort of the MTCIA (Montana Cannabis Industry Association).  The MTCIA was successful in halting the immediate implementation of the advertising ban, and will be in court again on June 20th and 21st in an attempt to stop the July 1st implementation date by filing a court injunction of SB423.  The new law, Senate Bill 423, “Medical Marijuana Repeal in Disguise”, is fatally flawed, constitutionally and rationally.  The goal of the new law is to put everyone out of business and reduce the patient count in the state below 2,000.  This means over 33,000 patients and nearly 5,000 current Caregivers will not be able to legally participate in the medical marijuana business.

We are also preparing to overturn the new law by Referendum.  The MMGA is assisting the efforts of the MTCIA in directing the petition gathering.  We need your help.  Please visit www.mtcia.org and under the referendum tab, please sign up to help collect signatures, or be a county or house district captain.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me directly at 406 640 0910.  There is also a tab for donations to the cause.

This is the time to bury the hatchet between factions in the medical marijuana business in Montana. Personal feuds must be put aside again the true foe, Prohibition.  Reach out and help as we move forward to continue to provide the highest quality medicine to our patients, and stop Senator Essmann and Senator Jent from ruining every ones lives.

Jim Gingery

Executive Director

Montana Medical Growers Assoc.


UPDATE: STOP, Repeal of the Montana Medical Marijuana/ Cannabis Act SB423 Petition / Signature Drive / Gathering June 10, 2011 UPDATE

UPDATE: STOP SB423 Repeal in Disguise Petition / Voter Referendum Signature Collection Drive May 28, 2011 UPDATE!

UPDATE Montana Senate Bill 423 Medical marijuana Advertising Ban STOPPED by Helena Judge Friday, June 3

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