We Have IT!! The Repeal / STOP SB 423 Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Reform Petition!! START Gathering Signature!!

UPDATE Judge’s Ruling on SB-423 Injunction June 30, 2011 PDF UPDATE

We Have IT!! The Repeal / STOP SB 423 Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Reform Petition!! START Gathering Signature!!

The petition was released by the Attorney General’s office last night (Tuesday) at 5pm.


John Masterson of NORML wrote this great update:



If you’re in the Billings area today, please stop by the MTCIA mixer
this afternoon to hear the latest and meet your neighbors:

Sunday, June 26 · 3:00pm – 6:00pm
F.O.E. ( Fraternal Order of Eagles)
526 Laurie Ln.
Billings, Montana

Facebook details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=231275760232922


The state is nearly done with their part of the process. That means it’s
almost time to start the hard work. Please sign up here if you haven’t
already: http://www.mtcia.org/referendum/


Our hearing last week seemed to go well. Now we’re in wait-and-see mode
until the judge issues his decision on Thursday June 30th — just in time.

We don’t know what the judge will do, but we’re all hoping he enjoins
(delays) the entirety of SB 423, which will allow I-148 to prevail for a
while longer.

The legal expenses are higher than we expected. Funds are urgently
needed to pay these costs. Donate online at http://mtcia.org as soon as
you can, please.


Somebody Else’s Lie

Uncertainty looms as new Montana medical marijuana law nears

AG’s office weighs in on pot law ahead of judge’s ruling

Essman defends unconstitutional medical cannabis law

Indicted medical marijuana provider warns others: You’re next

First charges handed down after Montana federal raids

Lawyers claim cannabis confusion

Judge may block parts of new marijuana law

John Masterson
Montana NORML – Working to reform marijuana laws in Montana since 1998.
Web:  http://montananorml.org
Blog: http://blog.montananorml.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mtnorml
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/mtnorml
Get Legislative Action Alerts: http://montanadrugpolicy.org


Montana NORML could not exist without your support. Join us today: http://www.montananorml.org/join/

Additionally here is a booklet from the Secretary of State’s office with Montana’s signature gathering guidelines.


(It’s a 28 page pdf) but it’s full of great, easy to read information.

You’ll be way ahead in signature gatherer training, if you read this booklet.

This booklet also has copies of the petition gatherer affidavit that you must sign for the notary every time you turn in a petition.

It also has a copy of the signature gathering complaint form; I expect our opponents will be filling these out: http://sos.mt.gov/Elections/Officials/Forms/Petition_Forms/Ballot_Issue_Signature_Gathering_Complaint_Form.pdf

However, we will also send our volunteers out with an ‘incident report’ form for you to document any interactions you may have with someone harassing you or interfering with your signature gathering.

Here also is the training that the Secretary of State supplies for all petition signature gatherers:


(It’s a 27 page pdf)

Just for fun,

Here is a link to the voter registration form.  Please print as many of these as you can for your signature gathering efforts. (you only need to print page 1). We are still conducting this petition completely as a volunteer effort, so any printing you can do at home will help us out financially.  Consider it a donation.


Also, here is the link to see whether your voter status is up to date at the correct address..


Your coordinators and captains are meeting again on Friday morning to discuss how we will proceed.

Please enjoy your weekend,

Please read or print the info at the links above,

Please come back on Tuesday ready to hit the ground running!

Be safe.

GO TEAM CANNABIS!!!  Let’s make history!



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