What is the Best Way to Sex Cannabis Marijuana Plants? Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR and Gel Electrophoresis Gender Determination

What is the Best Way to Sex Cannabis Marijuana Plants? Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR  and Gel Electrophoresis Gender Determination

Male or Female Cannabis Marijuana Plants, How Early can Sex be Determined?

As we all know, cannabis marijuana has two separate sexes on different plants. This is known as dioecious http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Dioecious_plants. There are cannabis hemp varieties that are monoecious http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monoicous , but monoeciousness is much less common in the marijuana strains. Monoecious cannabis varieties are more common in hemp strains used for seed production.

Cannabis sex determination is genetically influenced! Yes environment matters, but not as much as you would think. When a plant “hermaphrodites”, it is not the case of a female plant “turning” male or visa versa, as much as a survival tactic of the plant. The plant is responding to signals in its environment and in turn, responds with a monoecious latent genetic trait to survive to the next generation. Creation of seed is the whole life’s purpose of a cannabis plant to pass its genes to the next generation.

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In Nature:

Cannabis marijuana has evolved to deal with many different environments around the world it may find itself in. Sex determination differs depending on the origin of the genetics involved. For instance, cannabis originating from an equatorial gene stock (pure Sativas) will not show sex traits until a certain age is reached. This can take 3-6 months. For more temperate latitude originating cannabis (pure Indica), the photoperiod plays a greater role. As the day length shortens to a 12 hours daylight /12 hour uninterrupted night photoperiod these cannabis varieties show their sex. This can take 3-6 months.

With Our Help:

There are a number of methods used to help facilitate more rapid determination of cannabis marijuana sex. In the current market, female cannabis plants are of a premium value due to the fact that the flowering tops, buds, are produced on the female plant.

1.) The easiest way to influence a cannabis plant to expose its sex is to change the photoperiod. Growing a seedling under a 12 hours on/12 hours off photoperiod, appose to a 18 hours on/ 6 hour off photoperiod, will sex the seedlings 4 weeks after germination. The downside to this method is that the plants will have to be put back into a vegetative light cycle (18 on/ 6 off) so that clones could be taken from the given phenotypes. This is a major time disadvantage!!

2.) A variation of the above method is to wait. Wait until cones can be taken from the seedlings, and root the cutting out under a 12/12 light cycle. This will not give you viable cones, as much as the clones will sex under those conditions. This is less time consuming because the seedlings do not need to be revegetated to gain more clones. But, you will be 2-3 weeks into veg before more clones can be taken from the female seedlings.

3.) Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR and Gel electrophoresis are biotechnology tools for genetic analysis. Montana Biotech has created a PCR based test for determining cannabis marijuana seedlings sex 1 week after seed germination! Cannabis sex is determined by X, Y chromosomes, kinda like humans. This test allows a technician to test for the presence of female or maleness in marijuana seedlings before even the most seasoned cultivator can tell!

So, if you are looking for the BEST way to sex your medical marijuana / cannabis seedlings, call on Montana Biotech!

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