Bipolar Disorder Mood Stabilizing Effects of Medical Cannabis Derived Cannabinoids THC, CBD Treatments and Therapeutic Potential of Marijuana

Bipolar Disorder Mood Stabilizing Effects of Medical Cannabis Derived Cannabinoids THC, CBD Treatments and Therapeutic Potential of Marijuana

Bipolar Disorder

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Treatment for Bipolar Disorder involves long-term preventive treatment because people with bipolar disorder need substantial stabilization of their mood swings. The best treatment for bipolar disorder is a combination of medication and psychotherapy which also encompasses psychosocial education. Treatment needs to be continuous, rather than on and off.  Ongoing support is needed after a person is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, because it may take a while to find the best treatment plan for each individual with medications, therapies and support groups.


Medications for bipolar disorder are mostly known as “mood stabilizers” and are typically prescribed by a Psychiatrist who is a Medical Doctor with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.  There are several different types of mood stabilizers available.  Usually a person begins treatment taking a mood stabilizer which will be used for extended periods of time (usually for many years) and then other medications can be added if needed for break through mania or depression symptoms.  Work closely with your Psychiatrist and if a sudden change in mood occurs, report it immediately to prevent a full-blown episode by making adjustments to your medication management treatment plan.

Current Pharmaceutical Medications Used in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder:

Each of these medicines works similarly to treat bipolar disorder. Mood stabilizers balance certain brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that control emotional states and behavior.

Valproate and divalproex have been approved as treatments for acute manic episodes in bipolar disorder.1 Lamotrigine was recently approved for the long-term maintenance treatment of bipolar I disorder. These medicines, which are also called anticonvulsants, have been used for some time to treat seizures.

BIPOLAR DISORDER and the Use of Cannabis Derived Cannabinoids as Mood Stabilizers:

The Use of Cannabis as a Mood Stabilizer in Bipolar Disorder: Anecdotal Evidence and the Need for Clinical Research
The Use of Cannabis as a Mood Stabilizer in Bipolar Disorder

Cannabinoids in bipolar affective disorder: a review and discussion of their therapeutic potential.
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Cannabis in bipolar
Bipolar Disorder Daily News Blog: Cannabis in bipolar

Recipe For Trouble (anecdotal)
Recipe For Trouble – 48 Hours – CBS News

The effect of extreme marijuana use on the long-term course of bipolar I illness: a single case study.
Clinical Studies and Case Reports

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