Hermaphrodites and Cannabis Sex Determination Environmentally Induced Hermaphroditism verses True Hermaphroditism in Marijuana and Hemp Cultivars

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Test BREAKTHROUGH by Montana Biotech

Montana Biotech currently offers hermaphrodite testing and sexing of Cannabis  1-2 weeks after germination! So, if you are looking for the FASTEST method to sex your medical marijuana / cannabis seedlings, call on Montana Biotech! Male / Female and Hermaphrodite Screening, or  Genetic Profiling:






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Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

Hermaphroditism in the cannabis sub species Indica, Sativa, or Ruderalis can be defined in terms of two types, a True Hermaphrodite or an Environmentally Induced Hermaphrodite. I will try to define the subtle differences. Hermaphroditism in cannabis is a genetically influenced trait. Both true and environmentally induced hermaphrodites can be genotypically and phenotypically observed.

A genotypic difference that can be observed between the two is the presence of both sex markers in true hermaphrodites. True hermaphrodites posses BOTH sex markers when analyzed using PCR techniques.

A phenotypic difference is the appearance of fully defined male flowers at the beginning of flower production verses the appearance of a male stamen in a female pistil dominate flower after flower production had been initiated. A True hermaphrodite has both fully formed male and female sex morphology at the same time of flower induction. Photos included below.

True Hermaphrodite in Cannabis
Environmentally Induced Hermaphrodite in Cannabis

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) techniques can be employed to determine the type of hermaphroditic tendency a cannabis seedling posses one week after germination. The genotypic difference of hermaphroditism is present by the time the first true leaf emerges after the cotyledons appearance.

!Coming Soon! Hermaphrodite PCR Screening!

BREAK THROUGH Hermaphrodite Test for Your Cannabis Plants

Have you ever wanted to test your cannabis plant to see if it is a hermaphrodite? Well, Montana Biotech has a test for that! A cannabis plant will express hermaphroditic tendencies from environmental stresses or because of a genetic predisposition to express monoecious traits.  A monoecious cannabis plant is a TRUE hermaphrodite. This cannabis plant will express male and female flower structures on the same plant. This is the hermaphrodite to be aware of! A true hermaphrodite sexes as a female early in the flowering cycle. A true hermaphrodite is a ticking time bomb! She/it will seed everything in your flowering room! Environmentally induced hermaphrodite cannabis plants can not be tested for, at this time, and do not pose the same risk to the rest of the room. These hermaphrodites are not “true” hermaphrodites and usually pollinate themselves. ANY cannabis plant can be induced to revert to a hermaphroditic state by stress. By stressing a cannabis plant, you have tapped into its inherent survival programming.

Montana Biotech now offers a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based test for hermaphrodite screening of cannabis plants. KNOW if your plant has the TRUE hermaphrodite trait before you flower it!

Montana Biotech’s Plant DNA Collection Kit™

Hermaphrodites and Cannabis Sex Determination Environmentally Induced Hermaphroditism verses True Hermaphroditism in Marijuana and Hemp Cultivars

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Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

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