Whole Plant Isolates Recovery

Hash Oil

Montana Biotech offers whole plant isolates recovery, or better known as, hash oil. Montana Biotech has customized a system for the recovery of whole plant isolates and can now offer it at a reasonable price to the medical marijuana industry. We DO NOT use butane for our extraction process! We use ONLY the BEST laboratory grade ingredients and materials for our whole plant isolates recovery system.

Montana Biotech can collect plant material that is less than perfect and create a high end product that is easy to manipulate into other delivery methods / products. For instance, take the whole plant isolates, hash oil, and add them to a tincture, butter, oil, glycerin, alcohol, any substance you wish to use as your cannabinoid delivery system.

Montana Biotech Home Page

Call Montana Biotech (406) 600-6871 today for Availability.

Montana Biotech is Mobile! We can come to YOU!

Prices START at $100 per 112 grams or 4oz.

E Mail: MontanaBiotch@gmail.com

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