Percent THC CBD with Grow Buddy Pro™ Test Kit

Determine Percent THC CBD Test Kit Grow Buddy Pro 

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Contents for Grow Buddy Pro THC CBD test kit:

4 THC CBD CBN Preloaded T.L..C plates for 4 samples per plate. BEST for THC CBD percent quantification!
1 Container of coloring dye powder
1 Bottle of test fluid
1 Developing container/jar
20 Small plastic reaction tubes
1 Reaction tube rack
10 Capillary tubes
1 Capillary tube extraction bulb
1 Glass pipette assembly – 1 microliter
1 Spray bottle
1 Pair protective gloves
1 User’s manual

Grow Buddy Pro

#1 Collect/Select your samples for analysis.

Use the Grow Buddy Pro supplies to collect and categorize your samples. This can be hash oil, kief, or dried plant material.

#2 Assay your samples.

Use Grow Buddy Pro to quantify cannabinoids content in your samples. Know what percent THC, CBD your sample/s contain.

#3 Analyze the results!

Use JustTLC software, by Sweday, with the Grow Buddy Pro THC, CBD, CBN pre-loaded TLC plates to determine the percentage THC, CBD, CBN of your samples.

Grow Buddy Pro:

Grow Buddy Probasically a Grow Buddy, but has a THC, CBD, CBN sample in the kit to help quantify percentages using a FREE software download by Sweday, JustTLC $150 plus S/H, retail.

Grow Buddy Pro Quantitative Assay

Area Prep:

1.) Remove all items from the area not needed for your testing.

2.) Collect materials not included in the kit needed for testing.

a) Thermometer

b) A scale accurate to .1g

c) Timer, or some way to keep track of elapsed time

d) Some way to capture an image of the T.L.C. plates after being sprayed with the T.L.C. dye.

          1. Flat scanner
          2. Digital camera

e) Some way to heat your dried samples, like a stove or toaster oven.

Now you are ready to start some testing!!


Sample Prep:

1.) Make sure samples are DRY and crumbly. The greater the moisture content the less accurate this T.L.C. method is.

2.) Give the samples a designation and record on a sheet of paper. Weigh out the samples in 1 gram increments on a piece of aluminum foil shaped like a bowl. Be sure to take note of the foil’s weight, and the sample plus the foil’s weight.

EXAMPLE: Place the foil on the scale, record weight: 200mg. Tare the foils weight. Place the sample on the foil trying to accurately weigh 1 gram as close as possible. Record weight: 995.6mg. Add together and record the total 1195.5mg with the samples designation.

3.) Pre-heat oven to 120°C- 250°F. Heat samples on the aluminum foil for 15 min.

4.) Subtract the samples before heating weight from the after heating weight, record the difference on a piece of paper for later. This is your activated dry weight (ADW).

NOTE: If the sample has melted, or is unable to be removed from the foil, easily, let the aluminum cool to room temperature. Use a large pipette and add 1mL of the Extraction Solution to remove the material from the foil. Place this solution into a 1.5mL tube with the large pipette. This solution represents ~1000mg not 100mg (10x more concentrated! Not to mention, the sample is probably some type of a concentrate to begin with!).

5.) Weigh 100mg of the activated dry sample in the 1.5mL tubes and add 1mL of the Extraction Solution.

Grow Buddy Pro T.L.C. Plate Prep:

1.) Only handle Grow Buddy™ Pro T.L.C. plates with gloved hands.

2.) Load 2 microliters of the Extraction Solution from the sample 1.5mL tube per into one of the four sample wells, skipping the middle well, well #3 contains ~2micrograms THC, CBD, CBN, or ~10% cannabinoids by dried weight. Note which sample designation went where. Note if the sample was plant material, flowers, hashish, kief, BHO isolate, wax, shatter, etc.

Grow Buddy Pro T.L.C. Plate Developing Prep:

1.) Place the contents of the developing solution bottle into the jar/developing chamber.

2.) Place the chamber on a level surface, and in an area where it will not be disturbed for ~15-20 minutes.

3.) Place Grow Buddy Pro T.L.C. plate into the chamber, carefully. Place the lid on the developing chamber, carefully. Let the plate run for ~15-20 minutes, or until the developing solution is ¼” from the top of the T.L.C. plate.

4.) Remove from the chamber and let air dry before using the T.L.C dye.

Grow Buddy Pro T.L.C. Dye Prep:

This is a DYE and WILL stain!!

1.) As the T.L.C. plates are running in the developing chamber, prepare your T.L.C. dye.

2.) Add 1mL water to the T.L.C. dye 1.5mL tube. Shake vigorously. Let set.

3.) Add 4mL of water to the T.L.C. sprayer.

4.) Transfer the 1mL T.L.C. dye concentrate to the T.L.C. sprayer. Shake vigorously. Let set.

5.) Use the Grow Buddy Pro box as a spray chamber.

6.) One 5mL sprayer will dye 2 plates.

7.) Spray plates as you practiced.

8.) Let air dry. Okay, you are almost done.

Capturing an Image:

By this point you have chosen a way to image your plates so you can save and analyze the data at your leisure. Have the plate imaged at least 15 min after dying. If not, results are unreliable.

Determine Percentages Using Grow Buddy Pro T.L.C. Plates and Software by Sweday:

Now it’s time to use the Just TLC software, by Sweday to quantify percentages of THC, CBD, CBN. Go to www.JustTLC.Com and download their FREE software!

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