THC CBD Cannabinoids Potency Testing

Grow Buddy Pro™ THC CBD Cannabinoids Potency Testing Kit

BUY NOW! Grow Buddy Pro™ Learn percent THC CBD!

Determine potency THC CBD using  Grow Buddy Pro™  and software by Sweday. Use the Just TLC software, by Sweday to quantify percentages of THC, CBD, CBN. Go to www.JustTLC.Com and download their FREE software!

When used as a suite, Grow Buddy Pro™, JustTLC 30 day FREE trial, and the Montana BioTech THC, CBN Standard or the  Grow Buddy Pro™ , a TRUE potency testing of your cannabinoids can be done in the convenience of your home for around $6 per sample! If you need Customer services, they are just a phone call away.

Sweday, JustTLC

Fjelievägen 9A, 227 36 Lund, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)706 73 11 18

Grow Buddy Test Kit

BUY NOW! Grow Buddy Know what’s in your plants!

Laboratory Potency Testing


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